Get Affordable High-Speed Internet

Get Affordable High-Speed Internet

Hire Connect My New Home to set up your internet service in Killeen, Texas and surrounding areas

Connect My New Home can help you compare internet providers in Killeen, Texas and surrounding areas. When you move to a new area, choosing an internet provider can be a shot in the dark. We can give you the lowdown on the different internet providers in your area to help you decide which one is best for you. You can count on us to show you a list of the best promotions and offers available. We'll make sure you find an affordable, reliable internet service.

Once you decide on an internet provider, we'll arrange an installation appointment. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your new internet service. Reach out to us today to learn more about our internet setup services.

Which type of internet is best for you?

Connect My New Home can schedule internet service for you in the Killeen, TX area. The three types of internet you can choose from include:

  • DSL-which uses phone lines to deliver internet connectivity
  • Cable-which is fast and can be bundled with cable TV service
  • Google Fiber-which offers blistering fast internet speeds

Get in touch with us today to discuss your internet provider options. All of our services are free.

Century Link offers installs from 3-7 business days from time of order generally. Internet speeds can be as high as 25-100 mbps depending upon the area in which you reside. White Rock Estates, Tuscany Meadows and Splawn Ranch currently offer 1GIG speed throughout most of the community. There is no contract required right now. There is a one time $60 tech install fee with Century Link for new service. Call today and ask if there are any gift card promotions currently available when you sign up.

AT&T is the world's largest telecommunications company. Whether you need Television, Internet, Home Phone Service or a new Cell Phone plan.....we got ya covered. DirecTV is now an AT&T company. There are many bundling options available. Call to see what internet speeds we can offer you right now.

Frontier Communications is a leading provider of data, video and voice services. We are available in 29 states across the country. Call for details on the pricing available where you live.

Windstream Communications provides high speed broadband internet, phone and Digital TV service to 18 states throughout the nation. Call to see if we are available at your address.

Hughes Net is the most popular Satellite Internet solution for people that do not have traditional cable internet or telephone internet available where they reside. Monthly prices begin at $65.

Viasat Internet is the perfect solution for rural areas that do not have traditional Cable Internet or Phone Internet available to them. Viasat now offers an Unlimited Data Plan. The speed is 25 mbps and the cost is $150 monthly plus tax. Call for special pricing and 48 - 72 hour installation.